Lighting up Duluth for the Chirstmas Season

Getting the Process Started

To Animate or Not to Animate?

Animated lights are not for everyone.  Some prefer more subtle lighting on their home and office. However, even if you enjoy animated lights it may not suit your particular situation or budget to have a full display professionally installed. In some high traffic areas, city/town authorities may not allow animated lights unless it is for a specific event for which you have a permit. In addition to location limitations, budget tends to be another hurdle. Typically, businesses who desire large crowds of Christmas shoppers have an easier time justifying the expense. The minimum cost for us to do an animated display is $1,500, which is 3x the cost of a static display using a similar number of lights. Extensive amounts of time go into the planning and off-site preparations that we need a full commitment before getting started with the design and ordering the required materials. However,.. there are other options available to create a semi-animated display. Feel free to call or email us to get a quote or to learn about the options in light animation.

When is the deadline for getting on the schedule?

For static light installations we recommend getting on the schedule before November 1st, but continue to take new projects as late as the first week of December. We always offer early installation discounts, so be sure to book a slot as early as you can to take advantage of great savings. Animated lighting projects require quite a bit more planning and scheduling. We try to anticipate the demand by hiring and training many crew members, but the work load can vary greatly from year to year. We take pride in our work and need enough time to bring a quality display from concept to completion before the prime shopping season begins. The longer you wait to get on the schedule the later in the season your display will “go live”. November 1st is our deadline for all animated displays.

Can you use the Christmas decorations we already have?

Certainly! However, our standards of quality are very high to ensure your display continues to shine brightly and stay in place through the entire season. After an initial inspection, we may need to order replacements of some of your equipment if we feel it won’t survive the winter.  Since it is difficult to determine the reliability of used equipment we must charge for all service calls. We provide 2 free service calls for any display using our own equipment.

I’m not in the Duluth area, Do you travel?

Displays that are out of the area take even more time to plan and prepare but are certainly possible. We view our displays as works of art and would be honored to showcase our work in other areas of the country. Please try to give us 6 months of lead time to discuss and plan for building your display. In shorter time frames we may explore the option of using a qualified installation company already in your area to assist with the basic setup.

Christmas lights have been warming our hearts since we were young and Jingle Lights is here to maximize that!

Parent Company – Event Specialties

Jingle Light Guys Duluth, is a branch of Event Specialties, LLC. We are an event marketing and special effects company specializing in unique and creative services with lighting and pyrotechnics as core components. We strive to make each event as successful as possible by assisting with the marketing efforts. These efforts typically include social and search marketing, design and distribution of print materials and signage.