Lighting up Duluth for the Chirstmas Season

Jingle Lights Guys Duluth – Christmas Light Installation

Not just a Duluth Christmas light installation company…

Jingle Light Guys Duluth was started as a winter season expression of KG Pyrotechnics, a Wisconsin based creative pyromusical team (fireworks displays choreographed to music). We have a passion for creating works of art that fill the night sky (or at least your field of view), building excitement and stimulating heartwarming emotions within the crowd. With the use of different lighting effects, colors, and music we have learned techniques that set the desired mood and keep the spectators well entertained and wanting more.  In addition to our lighting and pyrotechnic effect talents, our experience in marketing and event planning ensures that each project we are involved with is as successful as possible.

Why Christmas Lights?

Beside the fact that Christmas lights just aren’t that popular in July,… What better way to keep our creative juices flowing in the off-season than to animate lights during the most magical time of year? In most of us, the Christmas season brings back such great memories of past years with the gathering of family and friends, a warm place you call home, and good nature rekindled in all of humanity. In some, it goes even deeper to a spiritual revival and inner reflection of who we are and who we want to be. Whatever it is for you, the Christmas season has made its place in your mind and heart and just isn’t the same without the bright lights and decorations. Jingle Lights takes that special connection to a higher level making the lights dance with your favorite Christmas songs, maximizing your enjoyment of the season.

Not all Lights Jingle…

Bottom-line, we love Christmas and want to use our talents in any way possible to make the season special for everyone. This desire has led us to offer holiday decorating services to match any size budget.  Animating lights is time-consuming and therefore we are limited to how many projects we can handle.  Offering low-cost static holiday lighting to businesses and residences alike is one way we can spread holiday cheer more widely in the Duluth area.   Click here to learn more about our holiday decorating services.



Parent Company – Event Specialties

Jingle Light Guys Duluth, is a branch of Event Specialties, LLC. We are an event marketing and special effects company specializing in unique and creative services with lighting and pyrotechnics as core components. We strive to make each event as successful as possible by assisting with the marketing efforts. These efforts typically include social and search marketing, design and distribution of print materials and signage.